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Women struggle in prison and upon release.


The Jesus Infusion meets them behind the razor wire and introduces them to grace.


Freedom and a new perspective on life are discovered. 



"By age 13, I had enough of the abuse from my alcoholic mom and the sexual abuse from whatever boyfriend she had in the picture.  I stole a car and drove north.  The car theft was my first felony. ... 

I have now spent more than 31 years in prison but am freer than I have ever been."


"I spent three weeks in the Alachua County Jail. The first couple days I was there all I did was cry. In jail, I attended chapel services by The Jesus Infusion and Nicole.  The ministry is 

amazing.  The girls that participate thrive.  I would have gone back to drugs when I got out but Nicole talked with me, mentored me and showed me a new way. 

I cannot thank her enough for her ministry and what she does in the jails and in the prisons, she has helped save my life!"



Since 2015, The Jesus Infusion has baptized over 560 women from jail and within the prison. 

The space behind bars is fertile ground for the gospel. 

Baptisms with the founder

Annually, 3,000 women meet The Jesus Infusion team each year between jail and prison. 

This includes women from all over the state.

North Central Florida Prison

Pen pals share scripture, encouragement, and help uplift women during their time of incarceration. This is truly virtual discipleship.  

pen pals
Connection; Penpals

The Jesus Infusion is a faith-based nonprofit organization helping women in prison in the north central Florida area.  The ministry began after Nicole Dyson, TJI Founder, served her own sentence in federal prison.  She has a thorough understanding of the complex struggles women face before and after their release.  She helps to infuse the light of Jesus in the dark for over 3,000 women a year.


For over a decade, through TJI's prison and jail programs, reentry support and Pen Pal ministry, women have been discovering grace, hope and a new kind of freedom- the freedom of walking with Jesus.  

" lips will shout for joy when I sing praise to You because You have redeemed me."

Psalm 71:23

Listen to Juanita praising God even while behind bars.  She decided to follow Jesus and was baptized. Juanita is now walking in freedom.

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Juanita's story

Impact Areas


pen pals

We help empower women

to walk in a truly new way, a life infused with Jesus, during incarceration or once released, which is what we call reentry.


"I retired from the Florida Department of Corrections as a Captain after 27 years of working with men, women and youth offenders. During my time with female offenders, I knew a christian warden who was instrumental in leading me to Nicole Dyson and The Jesus Infusion.

 The incredible path God laid out for me, the experiences with incarcerated women, the struggles they have after being released, the way God has equipped me to help in this needed ministry could only come from God for His purpose, for His Glory in this day and time."


— Melissa Lott, retired Captain of 27 years, TJI board member

"Prison is a place of deep darkness, housing the most lost and least among us. These women are often those who have lived through immense trauma, with childhoods and experiences incomprehensible to many of us.


TJI not only tells women of the love of Jesus, but comes alongside with grace and compassion and shows them the love of Jesus."


-Rachel L., TJI Pen Pal

PenPal Ministry

Many ministries and programs touch lives but few radically change them.  TJI has inspirational success stories to share. 

Bringing hope to women behind razor wire

while working to reduce recidivism.

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