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Nicole Dyson

Nicole Dyson,
Executive Director

Nicole is a powerhouse in Christ with a passion for real justice. Nicole sees women struggle during incarceration and upon release. They are too often defined according to the crimes they have committed and too slowly exonerated as daughters of the living God. TJI steadily shares the light of the gospel of grace to women in darkest of places- behind razor wire. This ministry has led so many women to freedom in Jesus, baptized over 560 and helped them to walk in their newly redeemed life.


Marianne Vandongen

Marianne's perspective as a formerly incarcerated person, who met TJI behind bars, is invaluable.  Her past experience helps TJI effectively impact women during imprisonment and on their path of reentry. Her faith is strong and her fire for the Lord is contagious.

Randy Dyson

Randy Dyson

Randy works for the City of Gainesville and leads recovery groups with Nicole at several facilities in Gainesville and surrounding cities.  He has been in recovery from drugs and alcohol for almost 31 years! 

Randy met Nicole at the baptismal tank of a woman they both were guiding into full recovery and freedom.  It was a match made in heaven- a perfect ministry team!  Nicole relates to the women from an incarceration standpoint while Randy relates to them from a physical and spiritual recovery perspective.  They do all TJI ministry together.  


Samantha Tracy, Secretary

Sam got her start with The Jesus Infusion as a pen pal and currently has two.  She now helps to run the Sunday ministry in the Alachua County Jail, She is a member of the Alachua County Re-Entry Coalition, aiding with communication strategies. Her favorite part of TJI ministry is helping incarcerated women better understand the Bible.


Josh Tracy, Treasurer

Josh, an accountant by trade, helps TJI in numerous capacities.  He has been instrumental in creating TJI bylaws, filing taxes and bookkeeping.  Josh goes above and beyond to help TJI. He is a critical asset to the organization. 

Melissa Lott

Melissa Lott

Melissa is a retired former prison Captain who served 27 years in the Florida Prison System.  Her first interaction with TJI was in prison where she worked.  Melissa is a plethora of information. She has an  uncanny ability to get things done for the Lord and for the Kingdom. 

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