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"...they were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them."

Acts 16:25


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Hands joined during prayer time

"Prison is a place of deep darkness, housing the most lost and least among us. These women are often those who have lived through immense trauma, with childhoods and experiences incomprehensible to many of us.


TJI not only tells women of the love of Jesus, but comes alongside with grace and compassion and shows them the love of Jesus."


-Rachel L.


Jail is the containment center for pending sentencing.  Stays last for days, weeks or months. 


TJI volunteers lead Sunday chapel services.  Typically there are three services each Sunday.  The service, including worship music, is followed by discussion then corresponding art and journalling activities.

Other days of the week, TJI leads both Bible studies and life skills classes. 

  • Pen pal program (email, letters and visits)

  • Mentoring & discipling

  • Visitation

  • Faith-based classes

  • Life skills class

  • Chapel services


​The Florida Women's Reception Center (FWRC) is a state prison.

Every woman processing through any of the 67 county jails in the state serve time in FWRC first.  Here they officially become property of the state, are medically screened, learn the rules of prison life, and complete prison orientation. This is also where they meet The Jesus Infusion.  

These women have just been given sentences anywhere from one year in prison up to a life sentence. FWRC is fertile soil for the gospel!  Thursday evenings TJI spends time with the women at FWRC, leading classes, holding prayer meetings and Bible studies.  Regular chapel services are also held here.

  • Pen pal program (email, letters and visits)

  • Mentoring & discipling 

  • Bible classes

  • Representation at state-wide court appearances

  • JOY Program

  • Life skills classes

  • Baptisms

 Interested in volunteering in prison? 


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